Outdated Light Fixtures
If you’re going to invest in staging and furniture rental, then you must update the fixtures. They are also the most prominent in most spaces, which can impact the room. For selling purposes you don’t need to invest a lot of money in a light fixture. However, keep in mind you need something contemporary and fits with the style of your home. Don’t forget to update the light bulbs adding the maximum wattage to each fixture and lamp.


Give a Room a Purpose
You have to make sure that you see your home in the eyes of the buyer. Many times a buyer can feel lost if they don’t know what to do with the space. Make sure each room has a purpose. For instance one room cannot be a home office, a gym and a hobby space. You’ll need to decide on one purpose for the room to help the buyers imagine themselves living there. If the buyer cannot picture or emotionally connect with the space, they will not feel that the home can be theirs.

Overpowering Furniture & Artwork
When staging a room the aim should be to enhance the space.  Make sure that the furniture and artwork don’t overpower the room.  You want buyers to focus on and remember the millwork and features of the home, not the artwork or furniture that was there.  Using neutral coloured furniture and adding pops of colour to the space with accessories can give that wow factor without going overboard.